Ideal Body Weight – Where am I?

When talking about body image, rarely people (especially women) satisfy with their body. Some of them think they’re too thin, while others (mostly) think they’re too fat. Before taking any strict diet or extreme exercise, it will be wise if we ‘know where we are’. There are some assessment methods we can use to find […]

How to Choose Cooking Oils & Fats?

Basically, some oils are very healthful, while others not so much — and for different reasons. How do you know what’s really important when choosing a cooking oil?

Tips for Successful MPASI (Solid Baby Food)

Here is some (proven) useful tips for mommies that begin to feed solid food (MPASI) for your babies:

Premium Nutrition for Preterm Baby

Preterm baby is the term used for baby that born before 37 weeks of gestation. Nowadays, there are alot of special formula created for preterm baby or baby with low birth weight available in the market. But, what actually the premium nutrition for preterm baby?