A Wonderful Journey Called Breastfeeding

  My journey of breastfeeding was started from February 12th 2013 until June 24th 2016. I experienced all the struggles when starting breastfeeding from the very beginning, nursing while pregnant (NLP), tandem nursing and weaning with love (WWL). Basically, this is my personal reflection of what I’ve been through during one of the most wonderful […]

Special Nutrition for Vegetarian Pregnancy

  Lately, vegetarian diets are increasingly popular in the community. There are various considerations why vegetarians choose this type of diet, whether it be an ecological, philosophical, religious, or just want a healthier lifestyle. There are different types of vegetarian diets of most restrictive to the most flexible, but according to the American Dietetic Association […]

Nursing While Pregnant and Tandem Nursing

Nursing While Pregnant It is very rare to get pregnant during the period of exclusive breastfeeding. However, sometimes it happens and the mothers have to decide whether they will continue nursing during pregnancy or weaning the baby. It will bring mixed emotions and they may get conflicting advice from family, friends and health care providers. […]

The Importance of the First 1000 Days

The first 1000 days are days counted between a woman’s pregnancy (± 270 days) and her child’s 2nd birthday (± 730 days) that offer a unique window of opportunity to get healthier and more prosperous futures. The right nutrition during this 1000 days window can have a profound impact on a child’s ability to grow, […]

Tips for Successful MPASI (Solid Baby Food)

Here is some (proven) useful tips for mommies that begin to feed solid food (MPASI) for your babies:

Premium Nutrition for Preterm Baby

Preterm baby is the term used for baby that born before 37 weeks of gestation. Nowadays, there are alot of special formula created for preterm baby or baby with low birth weight available in the market. But, what actually the premium nutrition for preterm baby?