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Nutriziouz is especially designed for sharing the nutrition knowledge, including mother & baby nutrition, food regulations, health & fitness, diet guidelines & methods, nutrition research, food & beverages, etc. Hopefully this website can be a reference for anyone who is interested in nutrition, including students, mother who wants to provide better nutrition for the family, or any other people who want to maintain the healthy diet & lifestyle. Eventhough the language is in English, the author is Indonesian, so feel free to have discussion or give comments in Bahasa Indonesia. You can also refer to “Glossary” page for terms definitions. Please contact mrz@nutriziouz.com  for any inquiries. Any feedback will be highly appreciated. Happy reading!

About the Author

The Author is a Food Technology Lecturer in the Faculty of Life Science, IULI (International University Liaison Indonesia). She has her bachelor degree in IPB (Institut Pertanian Bogor), majoring in Food Technology & Human Nutrition and her master degree in UKM (Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia), majoring in Nutrition. She has been working in R&D (Research & Development) Department of amongst the biggest Dairy Multinational Company for more than 5 years and also has written many articles about food and nutrition in magazines.


By the end of 2017, nutriziouz.com will also publish interesting articles from selected contributors, including students and colleagues of the main author.